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Chantelle Bakis

Bookkeeper / Accountant

Starting in the industry in 2017, Chantelle is the jill-of-all-trades in our Townsville office. No two days are the same for her, as she works closely with both clients and our accountants to ensure smooth workflow, provide stellar customer service, and top-notch bookkeeping. She’s just aces at juggling all those important tasks.

A lover of numbers and all things problem-solving, it’s no surprise that she’s studying her Cert IV in bookkeeping and accounting. But aside from work and study, she is a caring partner and mum, a confessed gym junkie, and a #smallbiz owner herself; honing in on her creative side to make and sell scrabble frames, and more recently making earrings.

When she’s feeling a little flat, she’ll chuck on some Rage Against The Machine for some serious motivation, either that or head down to the gym… Or she’ll put on Rage at the gym. Now we’re talkin’.