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#IsoLife for Team Trekk - What have we been up too?

By Jess Kitchin

May 15, 2020

This year has been full of tragedy, unease, and many trials for everyone across the globe. COVID-19 had most of us in lockdown, trying to navigate #isolife, and as a result, we were all faced with some very new challenges to overcome. 

We recently decided to take a step back and look at the silver linings of #isolife throughout COVID-19. Over the past few months, people all over the world have been juggling school, families, work/looking for work - you name it - all from home. 

Yet, regardless of all this, we've all been given the gift of time, so we've had some of the #TrekkTeam reflect on the past 6 weeks and share some positives from staying at home. 

PSA - Lots of cute pet photos below!

Tony Madden - Trekk Brisbane

COVID19 has been an interesting change for our family. We have 3 active teenage boys without sport for the longest period in the last decade. Our family time on weekends revolves around sport and taking that away has created some want to be back in that routine but on the flip side plenty of positives. 

Not only have we had more time to spend with our boys it has also been a great time to get some projects done and start to educate the boys on things that I may have been neglectful with i.e. how to use their hands other than with a football.

The first month I managed to attend to minor repairs around the house and then tackle some radiator and engine repairs to the old EH.  Embarrassing I let them get to this stage really. 

I then also tackled a bigger project that just keeps on giving – the Pool Deck.  This deck is a decent size and at first, I thought I was just up for staining.  Bouncing around a little told me I had a bigger issue.  Once I started stripping off decking timber I discovered more problems with dry rot in the joists – here we go we now have a project. 

After taking over 1 tonne of timber out to the tip I started with the nail bag on to keep chipping away at this thing for the last 5 weeks.  It is nearly done and has come up nice.  Although not completed yet I do look forward to taking a break after but what’s ringing in my head is back to school sports and no time – therefore another project is most likely.

From all this downtime I am grateful for this opportunity to catch up on projects that were long overdue but most of all not rushing everywhere for kids sport and spending that quality time with the family. 

Gabrielle Burton - Trekk Brisbane

My time working from home & during isolation has meant I have very quiet weekends! I’m enjoying reading some new books, finding fun ways to catch up with my friends and taking my dog, Darby, for walks!

Jess Kitchin - Trekk Mount Isa

I live with quite a few others, so #isolife didn’t feel so isolating! We channeled our inner child and had regular game nights – Pulling out old PlayStation & board-games for the first time in forever! Old sibling rivalries resurfaced, and alliances ensued, providing many laughs! Why is it that one person always wins monopoly (and it’s never me?)

Amy Henrich - Trekk Townsville

I definitely got my green thumb on during iso! We were able to achieve a lot of little ‘will-do-one-day’ projects that have been hanging around for a while. We had a little campfire a few nights and spent quality time with my family.

Chantelle Bakis - Trekk Townsville 

My son and dog have developed the closest bond over this lockdown period. Zeke doesn’t have any siblings so he was quick to make besties with Duke, he is also now an inside dog which he wasn’t before.  

Sarah Hooley - Trekk Mount Isa

Since my brain hasn’t been switching to relaxation mode when leaving the office, working from home has definitely boosted my motivation to smash out uni work. And of course, I love the all-day company of my fave study buddy!  

Laura Millar - Trekk Brisbane

I have been training our three goats Eenie, Meenie, and Miney to come to a bucket. Now they run up when they see me in the hope of some more treats!

Jen Perrin - Trekk Brisbane

When I think about my time in isolation ‘WFH’ and what I’m grateful for from this period, it would have to be more quality time with my partner and poochie’s – I’m not sure if they could say the same (I’m annoying at times). We got our second dog ‘Chief’ just before Christmas so it’s giving us some more time to make sure he’s settled in and I get to take them for a daily walk in the sun at lunch-time – that’s winning! :D 

Eryan Haddon - Trekk Mount Isa

I've actually quite enjoyed my time working from home. With my daughters at home too it was nice to avoid the crazy morning rush and I even received these beautiful home delivered flowers from a client which were a lovely addition to my home office.  

Glenn Smith - Trekk Townsville

I have enjoyed going on family walks straight after work which has allowed me to do a little bit of exercise leading to a more positive outlook on work and life.  

Pete Tuppurainen - Trekk Townsville

Weekends at home in lockdown has meant a lot of love given to my old girl. More time for many coats of polish and more time to tinker, I'm no mechanic but it's been fun learning how!  

Cass Moulton - Trekk Mount Isa

Working from home allowed me more time with my son, Eli. Later daycare drop-offs & earlier pick-ups became something that we both looked forward too. He also loved coming with me to do all my rounds to check the PO Box & be my little helper.

Gav Weller - Trekk Brisbane

It's been so good not worrying about travel time to catch up with people. This means we can see more people more often and on a deeper level all while having an ale to socialise if we desire without having to worry about driving – very cool!  

Anna Averianova - Trekk Brisbane

COVID-19 quarantine has been great! Our family spends more time together, walking, exploring new tracks, cooking new meals, and eating together more often, playing board games. My new trade as a personal hairdresser makes my husband and father happy, and my eldest daughter enjoys her pink hair. The overall isolation winner is our 12-year-old cocker spaniel – so much attention from all of us through every day!

Christie Jones - Trekk Mount Isa

The lockdown, unfortunately, forced my friends and me to cancel a trip to Tasmania where we planned to take Italian cooking classes. So instead we purchased an online class and got together over zoom in our own kitchens to learn how to make pasta, ravioli, and fresh Pomodoro sauce. With some practice, I can now make a fresh pasta dinner in less than 30 minutes!

Haley Clark - Trekk Mount Isa 

Life in lockdown gave me the opportunity to get stuck into yard work. I built a pool shed and tried my hand at paving!

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