Our Team | Trekk Advisory

A new generation of accountants, advisors, supporters and wingmen.

The only 'accountant-y' cliche about us is that we know how to get nerdy with numbers; and only when the situation calls for it. For everything else, we're just genuinely looking to create positive change with people we care about, and enjoying the journey.


Being human. That's how we do business.

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Dream big

We don't settle for "good enough". We set our sights on things that inspire us, and put our standards high for ourselves, our team and our clients. We go all out and have the hunger to keep going towards our common goals.

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People first

The reason we exist is to make positive impacts on the people we come into contact with. That's why we'll always put human connection and considerations above all else. This goes for our team, our clients, our community and even to taking care of ourselves.

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Continually evolving

We'll never stand still in our pursuit to serve our people better. This means looking for innovation in many areas - not just IT but in our clients' business models, new processes, service offering, how we collaborate and more.

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Enjoy the ride

As someone wise once said (it was Bill Murray) - "Life is so damn short. For f*ck's sake, just do what makes you happy." We bring this spirit to all that we do, making sure we bring fun, warmth and a positive attitude. It makes everything more rewarding, especially the relationships we build.


We're not your average workplace. 

We're a big, loving and down to earth team who are great at what we do (and we're damn proud of it!). We don't act the way most people expect accountants to behave - boring! In fact, we've got a (not so) secret rebellious streak. 

So, if you're wanting to be part of a new generation of accountants, take some big steps to become an all-star advisor, have a self-confessed kick-ass personality and are ready to rock the boat... We'd be stoked to have you!

Our amazing crew & the places we call home.