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The final destination on your Journey 

You're ready to hang up the boots, so it's time to look at succession, maximising business value and minimising tax on exit.

Exiting your business, the right way

No doubt you will leave your business someday – Whether you're starting on a new venture, retiring or the timing is right for a change - we want to make sure it’s on the best possible terms. For us, we like to work alongside you to create value in the business, and then when your ready, we can leverage this value to create freedom of choice for you as you exit. 

Maximise Business Value

Maximising your business value long before the exit

When your getting ready to sell a house, you’ll most likely spruce it up first – A bit of fresh paint, doing the gardens, last minute reno’s – and preparing your business is no different. We put ourselves in the shoes of a potential buyer to determine what might prevent a sale, what could be reducing the value and any risks that exist.

We put our ‘business value’ hats on and dive deep into what drives business value and how we can improve this to gain a higher multiple and better exit outcome for you.


Systems Review

Business Valuations

Due Diligence Reports

Risk Assessment

Succession Planning

Creating the perfect succession plan

Anything you do to benefit your future buyer, will also benefit you. So the aim is to get your business in great shape for a new owner. Spick and span books, efficient processes, low reliance on sellers, peak profitability and everything communicated or written down so a stranger would be able to come in and run the place. It’s sometimes a hard thing to face, having your business rely on you for as long as you remember and then removing your important role, so it no longer needs you.

This process can sometimes take years, that’s why it’s never too soon to start on your succession plan or exit strategy. Starting this now is the best way to maximise the outcome.  


Sale of Business Figures

Due Diligence

Business Valuations

Risk Assessment

Selling the Business

Taking the final leap and selling

The final destination is a daunting one, so we’re going to be by your side to clearly explain the process and assist you in any way we can to help manage the transaction.

From getting your business ready for sale, business valuations and sale of business reports, marketing the business for sale, contracts, sourcing buyers and negotiating or brokering the deal, we’ve got a expert team and professional partners to streamline this business sale process and get you the best outcome. 


Finding Buyers

Finding funding for Buyers